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Foshan wanlong machinery co., ltd.

Bandung machinery is committed to building crushing、Industrial grinding、Ore processing and green building materials,And provide intelligent solution
Program and mature supporting products,Deep moving the global market,Create a big country with a craftsman。

Bandung machinery

Foshan wanlong machinery co., ltd. begins with2016Year,From the founding of our deep cultivated fruit and vegetable processing and meat processing, the manufacturing and development of mechanical equipment,At the same time, we are committed to providing quality equipment and overall solutions for food deep processing enterprises worldwide.。Main products include drift machine,Fryer,Dicing machine,Peeling machine,Air dryer,Dicing machine,Meat machine,Washing machine,Production line,Central kitchen design and equipment supporting, etc.。

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Company has super3000Square production base,Modern office building,Flow water production workshop,

Logistics warehouse,Create research and development、Production、Sale、Logistics、After-sales, management system。R & d engineering team staff average empirical experience10Year-old,These include soft hard engineers,Hard engineer and designer。The factory production process is strictly in accordance withISO9001Standard,Escort for the quality of the equipment。

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Large and medium-sized processing、Riveting、Assembly equipment

Bandung“Technology innovation is driven,Quality quality is fundamental“,We not only provide standardized food deep processing equipment for companies,Also focused on providing equipment customization services for companies with special food processing needs。Bandung multiple times with japan、Enterprises such as advanced countries such as germany conduct technical exchanges and technology introduction。We have achieved high-speed development these years,Equipment has been developed to third generation technology,Successfully developed the first vegetable processing pipeline、Vegetable wind trunk line、First hair brush cleaning peeling machine、Constant temperature cleaning technology、Get a number of national patents at the same time,AdoptedCECertification。

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    Innovative technology

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    Large and medium-sized processing、Welding、Assembly equipment

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Bandung brand


Bandung brand positioning as the purest food deep processing equipment manufacturer,Create more intelligence for food deep processing enterprises,More efficient,More energy efficient equipment,Provide the most comprehensive one-stop device supporting and overall solutions。Our service objects include vegetable processing、Fruit processing、Net vegetable distribution、Vegetable、Meat、Frozen food processing、Central kitchen、Diet distribution、School canteen、Triggerous canteen and other fields。At the same time, we welcome the model of the promotion.,This year we have cultivated a high quality distribution team,Cooperate with a number of distribution companies。We also carry out export business,SupportOEM/ ODMCustom made。

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Focus on food deep processing equipment 16 years,Bandung machinery provides professional project guidance for more than one million customers、Equipment production、Production line construction and management operations and other product services,Together with them to prove the power of china's mine machine brand。

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Foshan wanlong machinery co., ltd.

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